Superior Advantages

Gutters Help Keep Your Home Beautiful

Old or poorly installed gutters on your home can greatly detract from your home’s beauty.
We install gutters that will compliment your home.
We use the highest quality material available today.

Superior Advantages Over Other Companies

  1. The materials we use set us apart because we believe in the highest grade materials available in the industry. The reality is most companies actually choose products that cost them less, and then charge you more.
  2. Our corners are custom corners that only have one seam, which are far less noticeable than box miters, or strip miters, which are our competitors’ choice. They are sealed with the highest grade elastomeric sealant which stays pliable for 25 years.
  3. Experience. All of our installers have a minimum of 8 years experience, and have worked on thousands of homes in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. No other company dares to make this claim.
  4. Best warranty in the business. We guarantee our materials for 25 years, our leaf guards to keep your gutters clog free, and our workmanship for 7 years.
  5. Our leaf guards don’t void your roof warranty. Most leaf protection products do!
  6. We use stainless steel screws that match the color of your downspouts. The vast majority of gutter companies use unpainted and very visible screws.
  7. Depending on your needs and the situation, we offer underground gutter drainage systems so you don’t have water pooling up around your house. We do not know of any other gutter company who offer this service. They will tell you to hire someone else.
  8. Our gutter systems are actually designed to compliment the appearance of your house. So many of our customers have expressed surprise over how invisible the finished product is. When done correctly, gutters and downspouts will fit the exact measurements and contours of your home. We witness so many examples of other companies’ mismeasuring and installing poorly made product.
  9. Most gutter companies have a sales team and installation team. The customer gives specific instructions to the sales team, the sales team tells the owner, the owner tells the installation crew, and half the time important information about your home is lost in translation. Our installation crew is doubly trained as our sales crew, so any specific instructions or requests that are made are sure to be done correctly. The first time.
  10. Every gutter company claims to use the strongest hangers in the business, but this is simply not true. We actually do use the strongest hanger, and we can prove it. We can show you our hangers and the competitions’, and the customer can see for themselves. It’s pretty obvious when you’re comparing them side by side. We use Hangfast hangers, which are more expensive for our company to purchase, but we believe it saves time and money because it eliminates call backs from weak hangers breaking and gutters falling off of homes, which is dangerous and costly for everyone.
  11. Hidden hangers are installed every 16 inches.
  12. Superior Gutters is the only company that is so confident of its superior quality and prices – We will give you the name and number of any other gutter companies in your area for comparison. We are that confident in what we offer as a company.